ATIF's Investment in Mexican Leading Renewable Energy Company Presents at Intersolar Mexico 2022, Signs Cooperation Agreements with Several Distributors

ATIF Provides IPO Advisory Service for Solarever and Holds a 5.25% Stake Through Investment Agreement

Irvine, California, Sep 14, 2022 -- ATIF Holdings Limited (Nasdaq: ATIF, the “Company,” “ATIF” or “We”) is pleased to announce that the Company's IPO advisory services client and investment holding in Solarever Ltd.("Solarever"), a Mexican leading renewable energy company, made its presence by introducing its electric vehicle brand SEV (the “SEV”), its energy storage product Solarever ESS, and its North American-made photovoltaic (PV) modules Solarever USA at Intersolar Mexico 2022 (the “Event") in early September, where its products received considerable attention and achieved very positive progress.

SEV, currently the only local renewable vehicle brand in Mexico that has been granted electric vehicle safety certification and has certification to import & sell EVs in Mexico, and made a big splash at the Event. SEV signed cooperation agreements with several well-known Mexican automobile distributors such as GRUPO CRUCES, GRUPO VAMSA, GRUPO FARRERA, GRUPO SURMA at the Event. Through cooperation agreements, SEV’s EV stores will cover multiple cities in Mexico, including Mexico City, Mexico State, Tabasco, Merida, Cancun, Tijuana, Monterrey, Campeche, Chiapas, etc.

Solarever's North American-made photovoltaic (PV) modules Solarever USA also gained great exposure and attention at the Event. Solarever has PV design facility in Chino, California, and warehouse facilities in Laredo, Texas, and San Diego, California. In the Event, Solarever indicated that the demand for PV modules and energy storage products in U.S. is growing strongly due to the impact of IRA Act. Solarever's current PV module capacity is much too limited to meet the huge orders from North America and is actively expanding its capacity to meet the market demand.

Jun Liu, President, Chairman of the Board, and CEO of ATIF, commented, “We are very pleased to see the popularity of Solarever's brands at the Event. The strong market reception of Solarever's products demonstrates that it has good products, an excellent team and promising market potential, which lays a very solid foundation for its future IPO. We look forward to having Solarever's products capture more market share in North America and Mexico in the future, and to benefiting our shareholders in its future IPO in the near future.”