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Listing Process
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1. Initial Due Diligence

IPOEX will begin with the initial due diligence process, an audit or investigation conducted to determine suitability for going public.

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2. Mutual Agreement

A mutual agreement is a binding contract that establishes the framework for the client to go public with IPOEX's support.

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3. Investment Contract

IPOEX will engage in an investment contract with the client, making a direct investment for a portion of the equity in the client. Investment contracts are regulated by The Securities Act of 1933.

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4. Audit and Legal Consulting

Auditors basically review financial records of the organization and ensure money, assets of the client are in proper order according to the relevant accounting standards. A legal consultation offers relevant legal advice to the client, ensuring that the client is in full legal standing.

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5. Listing Application

A listing application will be submitted to a national exchange(Nasdaq, New York Exchange) in connection with the listing of its securities, which includes all documents in support of or in connection with the application.

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6. Underwritten Public Offering

Before the formal listing occurs, the investment banker will work with the client to identify capital needs and structure a public offering of the client’s stock to investors – this process is referred to as an underwritten public offering. During this process, IPOEX will help craft the investment thesis (or investment story) to engage investors in support of the public offering.

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7. Public Listing Success

At this point, the client has successfully raised the necessary growth capital and can benefit from the exposure as a publicly-traded company. This may seem like the end of the work, but it’s just the beginning. Being a public company is an exciting but pressure-filled environment. The client will face new challenges but will be a larger organization with access to the global capital markets to grow and build its business.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an IPO?

IPO or Initial Public Offer is a way for a company to raise money from investors for its future projects and get listed to Stock Exchange. Or An Initial Public Offer (IPO) is the selling of securities to the public in the primary stock market.

How does IPO help my business?

An IPO can help businesses raise capital that can be used to help expand the business further.

Am my business qualified for a IPO?

For any questions regarding qualifications, check the information posted on the website or contact us with contact information below.


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