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Zhongchao Inc

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Zhongchao Inc

Company Profile

    Zhongchao Inc. a holding company incorporated under the laws of the Cayman Islands, through its variable interest entity and subsidiaries, provides healthcare information, education, and training services to healthcare professionals and the public in China. The Company commenced its operation, through Zhongchao Shanghai, in August 2012 with a vision to offer a wide range of accessible and immediate healthcare information and continuous learning and training opportunities for Chinese healthcare professionals. We offer a wide range of online and onsite health information services, healthcare education programs, and healthcare training products, consisting primarily of clinical practice training, open classes of popular medical topics, interactive case studies, academic conference and workshops, continuing education courses, and articles and short videos with educational healthcare content to healthcare professionals as well as the public.

   We provide our healthcare information, education, and training services to the healthcare professionals under our “MDMOOC” brand, which we believe is one of the leading consumer brands in China’s healthcare training and education sector, as evidenced by the 2017 Research Report on Chinese National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ) by Beijing Wutong Ideal Capital Management Co., Ltd., a Chinese NEEQ research company, where we are considered as one of the main and typical medical teaching video provider with doctor interactive and online training platform, as well as the number of our registered users and review volume.

    We launched our first online platform in a form of website, www.mdmooc.org, MDMOOC Wechat subscription account and MDMOOC mobile App under our “MDMOOC” brand from 2013 to 2016 to provide information, education, and training services to physicians and allied healthcare professionals, such as pharmacists and nurses primarily located in China, via Internet-Plus solutions. Healthcare professionals in China can apply for registration with their healthcare qualification to get access to our MDMOOC online platform.

     Since launching in 2013, we have been continuously developing our MDMOOC online platform with new forms of Internet-based education solutions. There are currently approximately 1,429 education and training programs available on our MDMOOC online platform and free to our registered users. About 95% of all our programs are self-developed by our research and development team. The original content of these programs, including daily medical thesis, commentary, conference coverage, expert columns, and activities are written by our research and development team and authors from widely respected academic institutions, and edited and managed by our in-house editorial staff. Our original, exclusive and proprietary content includes innovative features such as after-class quiz, key point summary and highlight during the courses, and peer-review and comments. In addition to healthcare information, education, and training via Internet-Plus, we organize onsite healthcare and medical training sessions and academic conferences from time to time under our “MDMOOC” brand.


   In addition to MDMOOC, we develop and operate the Sunshine Health Forums, online education-for-all platforms that disseminate articles and features related to healthcare and wellness education, medical behavior intervention, and newly developed health technology and application. We launched our Sunshine Health Forums in a form of website, www.ygjkclass.com, in May 2016 followed by WeChat subscription account in August 2016, and mobile App in 2017. We establish one forum for each category of diseases for the convenience of the public. As of August 2019, we have established nearly 150 forums, with more than an aggregate of 4.95 million subscriptions and an aggregate of 1.25 billion click-through.